Instructions for Using
WJ800 Printhead Cleaner

(This is for cartridges that have the printhead built into the cartridge)


Designed to surface clean, flush out and soak ink jet print heads for maximum efficiency and long life.
Eliminate cartridge clogging in the following way:

1.      Remove the cartridge from the printer, and check for physical damage.
Do not reuse damaged cartridges.

2.      Use solution at 100% strength.

3.      Immerse the cartridge print head in the cleaner at a level of 3/16" to 1/4".

4.      Avoid contact by the solution with the cartridge circuitry.

5.      Soak the clogged cartridge in the solution for at least two hours.
For faster results, however, you may heat the solution to 180F to speed up the process.
When using ultrasonic cleaning devices, immersion cycle time is between 15-20 minutes.

6.      Remove the cartridge from the bath and check the print head for any lingering ink buildup.
Use a paper towel, moistened with the print head cleaner and wipe away the residue in a gentle,
side-to side motion.

7.      Pat the cartridge with a dry paper towel or soft cloth to soak up any fluid remaining on the cartridge,
paying special attention to the contacts and connecting wires.

8.  Reinstall the cartridge and run cleaning procedures and test printing as recommended by the manufacturer.

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