Instructions for Using
WJ807 Printhead Cleaner

(This is for Epson and Canon printers
or any other printer that has the printhead built into the printer)

The solution is a preventative measure. Designed to clean the printhead before it blocks. If the head is already blocked, let it soak in the solution. For stubborn blockages allow it to sit overnight.
Eliminate cartridge clogging in the following way:

1.      Remove the cartridge from the printer, and check for physical damage.
Do not reuse damaged cartridges.

2.      Use solution at 100% strength.

3.      Inject the solution into a spare cartridge. If the cartridge once had ink in it, that's okay. You'll be running a 90% cleaning solution with 10% ink. This will be enough the clean the printheads.

4.      Put a few drops of the cleaning solution on the outlet ports. This gives the solvent a head start in cleaning.

5.      Reinstall the cartridge and run a few cleaning cycles

6.      Reinstall the cartridge and print the following page for color:
or printer the following page for black:
Remember you are printing out a solution and might not see much color on the page.

7.      After the cleaning store the cartridge with tape on the outlets ports or wrap the cartridge in saran wrap (plastic wrap).

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