Epson Chip ResetterFor Epson Desktop Printer Cartriges

    Normal Operation - Even though the JYCE168 has only 7 pins, it will reset the Epson Chips that have 9 contacts as well as 7 contacts.
    If the chip resetter is used on a 7 contact chip then it can be reset with no ink in the cartridge or with the cartridge full of ink. 
    If the chip resetter is used on a  9 contact chip and the cartridge is completely empty then it can not be reset and reused. You can reset the chip if at least 10% of the ink remains in the cartridge. This is hard to judge since most of the printers  don't give percentages, just a picture of a cartridge with a level of ink. This is a weight of about 21.5 grams. To determine how much ink is left in the cartridge it should be weighed on an accurate scale. If the weight is 21.5 grams or more the cartridge should be reusable. (Empty cartridge weight is 19 - 20 grams. Full cartridge weight is 28.7 - 31.6 grams) The 4 top pins of the resetter must make contact with the 4 top terminals on the chip. The 3 bottom pins of the resetter must make contact with the 3 center terminals on the chip (you do not need to reset the 2 terminals on the chip that are to the far right or the far left). Be sure to refill the cartridge before reinstalling it into the printer.

    The JYCE168 has specially designed slots to accommodate the different Epson cartridges. The pins in the JYCE168  should tightly contact the gold pads on the cartridge chip. When the pins are in contact with the cartridge chip pads the led will blink red for 3 to 4 seconds, then LED will stay green. This indicates that the reset has been successful. The plastic adapter is used only for the cartridges listed below.

Resetting the Epson individual cartridges reset-1.JPG (4740 bytes)
Attach the plastic adapter to the JYCE168  as shown in the photo. Rest the cartridge on the plastic adapter so the pins on the JYCE168  line up with the gold pads on the cartridge chip. Press the cartridge against the pins to make firm contact. Hold this position for 3 to 4 seconds until you get a steady green LED. This indicates that the reset was successful.
If this doesn't work then take the guide off and "eyeball" the resetter pins onto the chip contacts.

1.    The LED in the JYCE168  does not flash.

a)  The pins are not making solid contact with the cartridge chip.
b)  The cartridge chip is not a compatible Epson chip.
c)  The cartridge chip has corrupted data in it, or it is defective. Get a new chip, or transfer a known good chip from an Epson cartridge.
d)  The JYCE168  internal batteries are dead. This is unlikely, unless used over 500 times.
e) For cartridges with 9 terminals on the chips ( T068, T069, T077, T078 etc.) the printer reads more than just the chip when determining the ink level status for the cartridge. The printer also reads ink level sensors INSIDE the cartridge, so the cartridge need to be both properly filled and properly reset in order for the printer to recognize it as full. During the refilling process air could enter into the sensor areas and give a false reading.

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