The main purpose of the Chip is to monitor ink levels and to provide an on-screen message telling you that the cartridge is running low or is empty. Your Canon Chip Resetter allows you to restore this function and once you have refilled your cartridge you can resume full use just as it did when it was new.

1. - Slide the cartridge, chip facing downward, into the guide.

2. - Push the cartridge down to ensure that the Chip touches the contact plate.

3. - A short flash signals the contact has been made, followed by a continuous LED-light which tells you that the programming has been successfully completed. The cartridge can now be removed.

4. - To reprogram the larger black cartridge just take the guide adapter off the slide.

Note: Canon Chip Resetters come in Red or Blue but function the same.
Note: Do not use the Canon Chip Resetters on refillable cartridges.


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