Universal Inkjet Cartridge
Printhead Seal

*        One size fits all black and color inkjet cartridges
*        Air tight seal - Prevents inkjet cartridge printhead ink drying
*        Transparent see through inkjet seal
*        Apply to wet or dry inkjet cartridge nozzle plate
*        Quick application - no equipment needed

inkjet cartridge seal A


ink jet ink cartridge seal B


inkjet cartridge seal C


1. Wipe excess ink from nozzle plate.

2. Clean both sides of cartridge with plastic friendly cleaner applied to a towel.
     (Adhesive will not bond to moist or oily surfaces)

3. Remove the release liner from seal.

4. ROLL seal on to nozzle plate and hold compressed against nozzle plate.
     (Placing the seal straight down onto the nozzle plate will trap and force air into the nozzle)

5. Apply tape to sides of cartridge to hold seal compressed against nozzle plate.

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