Pitney Bowes E700, E707
769-0 Cartridge Postal Meter
Florescent Red Ink

Quality Inks for your Printer
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The 769-0 Cartridge holds about 3 ml of ink.
Our WJ-6080 also supports the following cartridges and printers.
  • Pitney Bowes 765-0
  • Ascom/Hasler Inkjet postal machines
  • NEOPOST Inkjet postal machines
  • HP cartridge-based postal machine
  • The original ink in these machines will dry out if the cartridge is left off of the machine for more than about 15 minutes. If the original ink dries out, then you will have great difficulty getting the printer to function properly.
  • We suggest that you keep a spare cartridge available to place in the printer while you refill this cartridge to prevent the ink from drying out.
  • The Staples Brand ink cartridge of Pitney Bowes seems to refill better.
This cartridge has a sponge to retain the ink.

Step 1) Locate the bottom of the cartridge. This is where the screen filter is located and the large exit hole. Tape over the exit hole. This is important! Remember the ink dries fast.

Step 2) Put the cartridge on some paper towels in an area where you can tolerate a spill.

Step 3) Drill a hole into the top of the cartridge with the provided thumb drill. You may use the small hole on the top back side as a starter hole. (Don't worry about shavings -- the internal foam will filter them out.) Drill the hole as close to directly above the exit hole as possible for best results.
Be sure to drill through the plastic baffle into the foam sponge.

Step 4) Fill the syringe with 4ml of ink and insert fully vertically through the hole on top. (If you have placed the cartridge on the surface in front of you, the needle should be vertical.) You will feel the resistance of the foam. Continue until you are almost at the bottom of the foam chamber, but do not push all the way through.

Step 5) Inject the ink very S-L-O-W-L-Y. Too fast and you will "vapor lock" the foam because air bubbles will form.

Step 6) When ink comes out the top -- the cartridge is full. Expect some bubbles to come out first.

Step 7) Remove the tape covering the bottom exit hole.

Step 8) Set up above (over) a paper towel for 2 minutes and let the cartridge drip. Be sure that the cartridge does not touch the paper towel, or the ink will be pulled out of the cartridge.

Step 9) For best results, wait until the 'last' drip is hanging at the exit hole. Wipe this drip off and immediately insert into your printer. Be sure to follow the insertion instructions.

The most important issue is to make sure that there is a continuous flow of ink from the sponge to the printhead. If not, you have air in the line (an air bubble), which will stop the flow of ink.

A Refill Kit should include Ink plus the following:
1 Syringe
1 Thumb Drill
Aluminum Tape